Woodinville Wines

Part of the allure of wine tasting is the drive, going to areas of the state that we don’t see very often. The advantage is we get to enjoy great wines while taking in breathtaking vistas of mountains or being enthralled by the way the clouds form over a beautiful valley. This can happen in many parts of the northwest.

For example, while on a trip to the Umpqua Valley in February we experienced all the variations that micro-climates could throw at us. Our first stop was a sunny spot on the Umpqua River but our next winery (a mere five miles away) we got snowed on. The old saying is true: The Umpqua is the land of a Hundred Valleys.

So it was with some slight trepidation that we entered Woodinville, WA (approx. 30 minutes northeast of Seattle). We knew that many good wines were to be had but, dang it man, where was the hunt? Where was the chase? Why we just parked in a lot and had our pick of splendid wines. Nary a view to be had; yet great wines and very cool people were all we came across.

We did not venture to the warehouse district on this trip so I hope the folks up there do not feel slighted. It was but a toe in the water for us. We dig the alchemy being created in Eastern Washington.

The Winerabblers have tread the tasting boards in Santa Barbara, Santa Ynez, Paso Robles, Walla Walla, Umpqua, Willamette Valley, Columbia Valley, Napa/Calistoga, Sonoma, Lake County, Ukiah and many more to come. We will be back to Woodinville. By god, we have to go back! It’s calling out to us….so many good wines all in one convenient space…we can walk to all of them…there are over 100 tasting rooms here…it’s the Wine TerroirDome!!!

OK, maybe not but damn, bring a designated driver if you go up there.  It’s Disneyland for wine drinkers up there and it’s just as awesome as that analogy sounds.

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